Friday, August 10, 2012


There won't be as many posts in the next couple of weeks as we are off on vacation

I will be taking this with me so I can sew when everyone else is busy!!!! I got all this when we visited the quilt shop for Andrew's quilt material!  I think I was very good not buying too much, although there is a quilt shop near to where we are staying!  There is method in my madness!!!!!

A selection of fabrics which were on offer

Having just finished the Think Christmas Blog Hop my eye was drawn to these Christmas fabrics, so I will be busy making gifts whilst I am away too.

Hope you have a lovely two weeks and will see you all soon.

Happy Quilting.


  1. Have a relaxing vacation! Your fabrics should be fun to work with!

  2. Have a great vacation I like your fabrics.

  3. Have a blast on vacation!! can't wait to see your new creations!!