Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Wag!

Life According to Me!
 It has been raining so much that every time I go out I get my paws wet!  Then I have to suffer the indignity of having them wiped!  Its just not the same when you are a grown up dog!

My family have been very busy over the last few days so I have had time to contemplate life, the universe, biscuits and of course Tennis balls.

What I have discovered is :

When "they" are out I can sleep on any bed I choose!  

The universe revolves around when I get up and have breakfast and my morning walk, my lunchtime biscuit (which has been missing over the last few days I might add) and when I have my dinner and playtime. 


Biscuits are good for you and they don't make you fat.

Tennis balls go missing no matter what I do with them.

Mom says I have a dog's life and as far as I am concerned its pretty good.  Although I am still waiting for my quilt.  I can see it on her sewing machine but its obviously not finished yet, now how do I persuade her to get it done?

Any ideas?

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