Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Wednesday Wag


  Gone to the Hairdressers, Back Soon!

Love Treacle

 Free Clipart Picture of an Animal Paw Print

 (I don't think Treacle has read the first word though!!!!! That will be tomorrow's trip!)
Mom x


  1. I love combo signs like that, always make me think, hmmm hope they don't use the same comb or shampoo on people and dogs :-)
    we have a place in town that's a drive thru cafe and car wash, wonder where they get the foam for the frappucinos??? ewww

  2. Great sign! Hmmm...the possibilities... Reminds me of a dual billboard. The top one was an ad for a church reading, "Need God." The bottom billboard was for a Funeral Home / crematorium.