Friday, May 04, 2012

Save Your Bookstores.

Bookstore in El Ateneo, Buenos Aires
In the past few months lots of statistics have shown that people are buying books for E-Readers more than their paper counterparts.  Now if you read my blog you will know that reading is a big part of my life and when the Kindle first came onto the market DH and The Boys thought this would be a great present for me.  NO! 

Yes E-Readers are great for people who travel a lot, especially abroad, when  weight of suitcases are an issue. But I am sorry holding an E-Reader and looking at a screen does not have the same feel as holding a book and turning pages.  Perhaps it is because I look at a screen all day for work that I would not choose to do so to relax. 

When you have a new book in your hand and start reading it, you can see all the pages to come and then you get into the story and I know how often I am reading a book and am so engrossed with the story that I do not want to put the book down and I really don't think I would have the same feelings with an E-Reader.

I also read in the bath!  Not so good for electronic equipment!  A lot of my books have curly pages due to them being read in the bath or at the beech!  I love my books and keep them when I have read them.  DH will read a book but won't re-read it as he can remember the whole thing, me I will re-read and re-read books, especially my favourites (that says a lot for my memory).

Anyway this post is about saving the local bookstores.  A paperback book only costs the same amount as three of the designer coffees.  Just think about it; hours of pleasure reading and you won't be adding extra calories! E-Readers have their place in our technological age but so do actual books and we must not lose them like we lost vinyl records and now CDs'.  

We all have to move with the times but actual books must stay!

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PS If you love bookstores like I do, check this website out!

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