Monday, April 23, 2012

St George's Day, England

The St George Flag

As you can see lots of rain.

Youngest centre of picture.  They all were very damp.

In Church before the start of the Service.   Youngest third row turning round.
Today is St George's Day, Patron Saint of England and as children we are all told of the Medieval story of St George slaying the mighty dragon to release the Princess Sabra (although she does appear to have a number of other names in different tales!).  This was supposed to have taken place in Libya and there is a tomb of St George in Lod, Israel.  The story came to England with the return of the Crusaders.  Many countries around the World celebrate St George's Day as well. 

Yesterday (the nearest Sunday to April 23rd) saw us with Youngest and our  Scouts marching through the city centre and on to one of the local churches for a service to celebrate St George's Day and The Scout movement.  It was a lovely day except for the heavy rain while everyone was waiting to set off.  Well done to Youngest.

Susie xx 

St George slaying The Dragon

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