Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Despite the weekend being warm and very spring like, today is grey and very cold again! 

However these have made it spring like in the house.  I love daffodils, their colour and smell and these have turned out to be the double headed type.  I think they look great in the middle of our dining table.

The vase is the shape of a small goldfish bowl which I bought last year with some money I had from my Birthday.  I had broken a vase in July and when we took the Boys to London this style of vase was on a table at one of the restaurants we ate at.

Quilting is going slowly at the moment :(

Susie x

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  1. I was hoping you had a picture of Treacle on your blog, what a handsome dog! I forget, did I tell you our dog before Cooper, Simon, was an airedale.?We still miss him, he was a fantastic dog.