Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog Hopping & Spring Cleaning

As I have no sewing machine at the moment this has meant I have no distractions with getting on with the Spring cleaning.  It is a job I hate doing but love when it is done and I know the house is so clean and sparkly!  

So far I have finished the kitchen, Den (our office) and the sitting room.  I still have to do the dining room, our room, The Boys rooms, the bathrooms and various cupboards.  But It will be done by the end of next weekend!  I am determined!!!!!!

In between cleaning the various rooms I have been Blog Hopping for the St Patrick's Day Blog Hop over on The Quilting Gallery.  I was going to participate in this until my machine went poorly on me and I ran out of time, but I will participate in the next Blog Hop.  It is so much fun and I love seeing all the other blogs and what everyone is offering as prizes is wonderful.

Happy Quilting Weekend, even if I haven't done any.

Susie x

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